Mail is Morale

"Supporting America's deployed military service members, to ensure they are not forgotten"

Mail is Morale


Lynelle Zelnar

Mail is Morale

Why are our care packages so important?

A letter or package from home offers comfort and a morale boost to those deployed and far from home. Many military members have no family to send them care packages. Or their family may not have the monetary means to purchase items and ship them abroad.

A package reconnects that service member to home and encourages them to continue their mission.

A package or letter shows them that they are cared for and appreciated.

You may be thinking that with today’s technology, service members have constant contact with
family or friends back home.  That is not always the case.  Troops are often deployed to remote
regions where the internet is spotty or not available. In many situations, internet access to social
media and email is limited due to assignments or to accommodate all of the service personnel
at that location.  Physically holding a letter or package item that can be looked at the time and again
truly provides that connection to home.

Over the past twenty years, the feedback we have received from our recipients has proven how
valuable our care packages are to those deployed. And research is showing that with the
morale boost of receiving letters and packages, it may reduce the suicide rate of our returning
service members.

Whether our troops are in active conflicts or on a routine deployment, no matter the military
branch or location, they all need our support. Providing care packages is the least that we can
do to show our support and that we care.

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