Going down the rabbit hole….

"Supporting America's deployed military service members, to ensure they are not forgotten"

Going down the rabbit hole….


Lynelle Zelnar

Today, August 3rd, we had a new recipient registered by his brother.   The brother who registered him started “googling” information about the Air Craft Carrier that his brother was on….well low and behold, as he went down the Rabbit Hole, he found an article about Forgotten Soldiers Outreach from 2018, and thus registered his brother as a new recipient today!!!

Just goes to show you, you never know what you may discover…..We love to find out how people hear about us and one of our forced fields when someone is registered as a recipient is “how did you hear about us”, he said a news story, so of course, inquiring minds “asked which news story” and he proceeded to tell us.

Just an interesting fact to share with you….

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