Evolution of Postage and the Impact on Our Mission

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Evolution of Postage and the Impact on Our Mission


Lynelle Zelnar

Evolution of Postage and the Impact on Our Mission

Since our inception in 2003, the landscape of postage has undergone significant changes. Initially relying on variable weight and destination costs, the introduction of Flat Rate Boxes by the United States Postal Service in 2004 revolutionized shipping methods. However, with subsequent years came substantial rate increases.

In 2008, the introduction of Large Flat Rate Boxes marked a milestone, costing $12.95 initially and $10.95 for military shipments. While the “if it fits, it ships” concept eased weight concerns, postage costs continued to rise.

Notably, First Class Stamp costs experienced notable increments:

2003: $0.37 with Flag and Antique Toy Stamps

2006: $0.39 with Lady Liberty Flag Stamp

2007: Introduction of Forever Stamp at $0.41

January 21, 2024: First Class Stamp at $0.68

Flat Rate Box rates, too, witnessed substantial increases. In 2022, Medium Flat Rate was $17.70, Large Flat Rate/APO at $18.35. Presently, Medium Flat Rate stands at $16 (commercial pricing, $18.40 at Post Office), APO at $20.15 (commercial pricing, $23.00 at Post Office), and Large Flat Rate at $21.85 (commercial pricing, $24.75 at Post Office).

With postage costs escalating and limited flexibility within our budget, your $30 sponsorship per box becomes crucial. This is especially significant as we send Medium Home Depot Moving Boxes to our squads and units, facing increased postage costs, averaging $5.00 more per box.  They range from $110- $150 per box.

As we strive to continue our mission of sending monthly “We Care” packages to our current list of 2,581 registered recipients, including 2,200 within 8 registered units/squads, your financial donations are now more vital than ever.

Join us in making a difference and supporting our ongoing commitment to those who serve.

#WeCarePackages #SupportOurTroops 🇺🇸

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