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Our Purpose

The purpose of  Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is to send care packages and letters of encouragement to our deployed soldiers. Unfortunately, many military personnel who are fighting for our freedom go through many great struggles and get emotionally depressed. Being away from family, friends and loved ones can take its toll on a soldier, especially when the communication can be difficult and/or lessened during high war times.

Even though the media coverage of the soldiers in Iraq is no longer at the intensity as it was earlier this year, we need not forget that our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are still fighting in ALL world theaters!  We need to let them know “they are not forgotten”.

The Facts

After the immediate excitement of the war calmed down, most Americans returned to their day to day lives. In the process, many have forgotten that these men and women are not only in combat 24-7, but are longing for their families they’ve left behind.  We, at Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, have found that many families cannot afford to continually send care packages and letters.  So these soldiers get lost in the midst of the battles.  Some stop hearing from their families altogether.  After the immediate launch on Iraq, the media has little to report about our soldiers.  For the most part, drop-off centers have ceased to collect for them.  This is the driving force behind Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.

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About Author: Lynelle

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is a non-profit organization that ships care packages filled with donated items and letters to the United States military men and women actively serving overseas.