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Lynelle Chauncey Zelnar, Executive Director and Founder Lynelle stepped up to the plate to spearhead this needed outreach in October 2003.  Her efforts began with the gathering of a few boxes of items consisting of Gatorade, snacks, magazines, hygiene products, etc. along with a few letters to send to the initial three soldiers whose names she obtained from a local family.

Lynelle then contacted her friends and others to try to gather more supplies and letters of encouragement for the three soldiers.  Her commitment prompted a few local teachers to start a letter writing campaign.  It also brought in additional items to package and ship than she initially expected.

Through the years, it’s amazing to see how Lynelle’s ambition to help encourage soldiers has turned into such a flourishing and nationally known organization with businesses, corporations, religious groups, schools (from daycares to colleges), and individuals from all over the United States contributing to this mission.

The response from our troops is why we do what we do!

Lynelle has been honored as the 2008 Recipient of the South Florida prestigious Glory Award for “outstanding community involvement, exceptional achievement and efforts to eliminate a problem area while promoting diversity in the community”, as well as the 2012 “Take Flight, Above & Beyond Award” for the commitment and dedication to provide support for the First Stop Veterans Resource Center Outreach Program, Stand Down House & First Stop Housing for homeless and at risk Veterans and their families”, as presented by the Faith*Hope*Love*Charity, Inc.   In 2014, FSO and I were honored to be featured on our local CBS news, as CBS 12’s Extraordinary People: Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. These awards and many more are attributed to all the wonderful volunteers and support we receive throughout the community and the country!   Lynelle also serves on the Program Advisory Councils for Medical Assistant Program and Dental Assistant Program at Palm Beach State College.


Jay Cashmere, National Chairman of the Board  Jay is a news anchor and reporter for WPTV News Channel 5 and WFLX Fox 29 in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He has been with FSO since it’s inception in October of 2003 and has grown with FSO covering countless stories along the way, the more recent came this past Thanksgiving.    Jay previously served as Vice Chairman of the Board.   Jay also has a long list of award-winning stories to his credit.  He is a dedicated journalist, who is also committed to his station’s longtime reputation as a community-minded station.   Jay continues his outstanding community service work.  He was one of the first reporters in Florida to bring the work of FSO to the attention of South Florida television viewers.

“It’s my honor to serve as FSO’s Chairmen picking up where Bob Nichols left off. We are so thankful for his direction, leadership and confidence in FSO. I look forward to continuing the mission for our troops with Bob, Chuck, along with the other board members, our team and all our volunteers.”   “I can’t think of a better way than to join hands with Forgotten Soldiers Outreach and say thanks to all who fight for our freedom. I look forward to many more years helping our men and women in uniform know they are not forgotten,” Says Cashmere.

Bob Nichols, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board  Bob had a television career which spanned 33 years in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Bob’s career included working at WPTV and WPEC, both as a weatherman and a news anchor.  He is also a licensed professional auctioneer, commercial talent, and nationally recognized motivational speaker.  Bob will continue to remain on the Board and serve as one of our big advocates in spreading the word about our mission.

Chuck Debevec, Vice Chairman of the Board  Chuck served in the United States Marine Corps for 9 years and is married to his wife, Marie.  Chuck and Marie are parents to 5 children.  Chuck has been involved with FSO for about 3 years, not knowing that his son would be one of the recipients of FSO’s “We Care” packages while in Iraq. Chuck said, “I really got involved when I was announcing at a race track during a fundraiser and found out that Lynelle knew my son who was still in Iraq.”

Christine Annelies Mouring, Secretary  Christine is an attorney at law practicing in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Christine is actively involved with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and also serves on several other Boards.

Art Snow, Treasurer  Art has been married to his wife, Marianne, for 29 years and they have two sons. Their son, Nicholas, received his Masters’ Degree in Economics from San Jose State and is continuing his education in a PhD program. Their son, Andrew, is a Sergeant in the United States Army and stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  Andrew is a veteran of two tours in Iraq and was an Infantry Soldier as well as a Bradley Commander in Iraq.

As the Director of the Tennis Program at The Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, Art has raised thousands and thousands of dollars for FSO through annual golf & tennis tournaments. Marianne is active in helping our local National Guard Unit Family Readiness Program based in Hollywood, Florida.  At their 2007 holiday dinner dance, Marianne was presented with a plaque for her service.

Both Art and Marianne have been extremely involved and committed volunteers with FSO since 2004.

Major General Wayne P. Jackson, Director  He has been serving as an Honorary Board Member since the inception of Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, and in March of 2015 began serving in the official capacity as a Board of Director.

General Jackson was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 9, 1929.  After several years of enlisted service in the U.S. Army Air Force and U.S. Navy, General Jackson was commissioned in 1951 as a Second Lieutenant upon completion of the Officer Candidates Course at Fort Riley, Kansas.  His military service covers a span of thirty seven years and he retired as a Major General on April 8, 1984.

General Jackson received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degrees in psychology at the University of Tulsa.  He did post graduate work at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California.  His military education includes the basic and advance Officers course at the Signal and Military Intelligence Schools.  He has also completed the advanced courses at the Civil Affairs and Infantry Schools.  He is also a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the U.S. Army War College.

General Jackson has served in various overseas theaters of operation and has commanded Signal Corps, Military Intelligence and Civil Affairs units.

As a General Officer he served as the Director of Counter Intelligence and Security, the Assistant to the Chief of Staff for Intelligence at Headquarters, Department of the Army, the Commanding General of the 352nd Civil Affairs Command, and the Deputy and Commanding General of the 97th Army Reserve Command.

General Jackson has been awarded the Expert Infantry Badge, the Parachute Badge and the Master Aviator Badge.  His decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal and several other military awards and decorations.

General Jackson and his wife Lahoma reside in Jupiter, Florida.  His son and two daughters, Jacky and Jennifer and four grandchildren also reside in Jupiter.  His son, Wayne Jr., retired from the U.S. Army in 1995.

Christopher McCarthy, Director  I served 13 Years in the Marine Corps with 6 combat deployments. Over the span of 13 years I served with 1st Fleet Antiterrorist Security Team, 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, Weapons and Field Training Battalion MCRD Parris Island, 3rd Battalion 6th Marines, II MEF G-3 Current Operations. I was medically retired in 2013 at the rank of E-6 Staff Sergeant due to combat injuries from an IED blast in Helmond Province, Afghanistan. I am honored to be a part of this amazing organization and helping to impact the morale of our brothers and sisters with each care package that is sent. As a recipient of many care packages while deployed I know the impact that it has and the connection that a small box can make.


Jeanelle Avallone, Asstistant to Executive Director/Team Member   Jeanelle is an Air Force mom to son, Staff Sargent, Michael Marez.  Jeanelle became involved with FSO in 2007 by signing up as a volunteer.  As a mother of a serviceman, she knows how hard it is to send a package.

Jeanelle is originally from Southern California.  Her goal is to always strive to make sure everyone is taken care of.   She says, “FSO is an organization that has allowed me to become someone special and stand out in the crowd as an Air Force Mom.  I appreciate that greatly.  I love what I do.”

Jeanelle’s primary assignment is to assist  Executive Director Lynelle, in ALL aspects of the organization; including, but not limited to, managing the National Operation Center and overseeing the services that FSO provides to the public.  Her most important duty is overseeing FSO’s mission of sending “We Care” packages to our United States Military personnel serving overseas.

Jeanelle goes on to say, “I always wanted to make sure that my son had everything he needs while he was deployed fighting for our freedom.  With FSO, I know that we can make a difference to support our troops as they put their lives on the line to make a difference for us here at home.  By volunteering, I feel this is my way to tell our troops, ‘THANK YOU for what you do, day in and day out.'”

Tara Ashburn, Finance Manager, Tara has spent many years working directly with homeless veterans at stand downs and has also moved around the country as a military wife.  She has worked with veterans transitioning from homelessness into a gran per-diem program and those suffering with PTSD, mental health and substance abuse issues.  She started volunteering at the Thrift Store in an effort to assist with those in need of furniture and soon thereafter joined the team at Headquarters to assist with the books.  She fell in love with the organization and truly has a heart for supporting our troops and those returning stateside.   Tara has a grateful heart and that is the driving force behind her attitude and advocacy for all veterans and service members.

Helen Saucier, Packing Events Manager/Former Warehouse Manager/Team Member  One day, Helen wanted to send a package to a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan.  She found a site on the internet, prepared a package and went to the Boynton Beach Post Office to mail it.  The clerk who waited on her told her about FSO and she attended an “inventory” event.  Her brother and husband were stationed in Vietnam and she remembered sending them packages 30 years ago and how much it meant to them.

Helen is a Controller for a country club and goes to the FSO warehouse just about every night, counting and sorting donations and organizing the items.  It never ceases to amaze her at the generosity of strangers and how people from all over the country send donations.  Letters of encouragement are also written and received from individuals as well as churches, schools and other organizations to enclose in the packages.

Helen says, “Mail call is an exciting time for the soldiers and many do not have family who can afford to send them anything.  Our “We Care” packages and letters assure them that they are “Not Forgotten.”  I’m honored to be a part of this organization.”

Barbara and Kevin O’Connor,Warehouse Co-Managers/Team Members 

Kevin & Barbara are the proud parents to Cassandra!! They became involved after seeing it on the news about 4 years ago.  They wanted to continue to teach Cassie to help others and this great organization welcomed ALL of them with open arms!!

Gina Abbananto, Volunteer Manager, in 2013, retired as Captain of Support Services Division at City of Greenacres Department of Public Safety after 26 1/2 years!   Gina says there’s quite a few organizations out there looking for volunteers. I wanted to give my time to an organization that was professional, transparent and did what they said they would do. What Forgotten Soldiers Outreach does for our deployed soldiers is amazing and insures that we do not forget our deployed men and women.

Elizabeth Varian, Webmaster  Elizabeth specializes in Intranet/Internet consulting which includes, but is not limited to, site design and development along with Internet marketing.  Elizabeth is quite familiar and effective in putting strategies to use on the Internet that enhance real world marketing efforts and strategies.

Elizabeth says, “This outreach captured my heart from the beginning.  Being a military brat myself of two Vietnam Vets, I love that our soldiers are not forgotten or pushed to the backburner because of political differences like those of past conflicts.”

Bill Arcuri, Veterans Affairs Liaison/Team Member  Bill became involved with FSO in the fall of 2006 when he responded to an event by WIRK supporting FSO. Having served two tours in Vietnam and being a combat veteran and former POW he understands the sacrifices made by the men and women serving this great country. The vast majority of Vietnam Veterans never received a “welcome home” or received a “thank you” for their service when they returned home. Bill believes that with the work being done by FSO, we will ensure the current Veterans are supported while deployed and recognized for their service when they are back home.

Tara Laxer, Public Relations/Team Member/Chairman for Annual Red, White & Blue Support our Troops Blue Martini Event   Tara is an honorary board member of FSO and started with the organization in 2005.  Her dedication to the troops came from her hands-on work with those who served in WWII, Vietenam and Korea to her own friends who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the former chief of staff to a local State Senator, Tara has worked on policy regarding PTSD and she continues to do so working with a variety of non-profit organizations in the area.  She believes our veterans are the greatest natural resource our country has both past and present and they all should be treated as such.  FSO reminds the troops when they are serving overseas, when they return or when they are being deployed they have a extended family they can count on.

Rosemary A. Mouring, Memorial Day Event Organizer and co-chairperson Rosemary was raised in North Palm Beach, Florida and is married to Robert H. Mouring, III.  Rosemary and Robert have 2 sons and 6 grandchildren.

Rosemary became interested in FSO while attending a Memorial Day service at Royal Palm Memorial Park in May of 2004.  Partnered with FSO in 2005 to organize an Annual Memorial Day Service in Lantana, Florida at Palm Beach Memorial Park.  Working with FSO gives her a chance to honor and give back to our Veterans and let them know we appreciate the sacrifice they make to keep us free.

Cassandra (Cassie) O’Connor, FSO Student Ambassador/Fundraiser  Cassie is from Lake Worth, Florida.

Cassie started doing this about 9 years ago.  She is FSO’s first student ambassador and is currently attending Park Vista Community High School.  Cassie has raised over $14,000 for FSO.  Her other interests are Reading, doing math, Disney World and HELPING OUR TROOPS!!

Michael Coleman, Speakers Guild. Michael is retired from the Air Force and served in the Vietnam Conflict.  Michael has been involved with FSO since 2004, serving in many capacities, including, but not limited to, Volunteer Manager and Assistant to the Palm Beach County Manager and National Headquarters Administrator.

Michael is also a member of the Disabled Veterans Association (DVA) and served during Vietnam and the Cold War eras.  His son is in the US Air Force and is a member of the Alaskan Air Reserve with more than 14 years of service.  Michael also serves on the FSO Speaking Guild.

Michael says, “I started out with FSO because I had a vehicle big enough to help take the “We Care” packages to the Post Office.  By doing that, I saw a need for me to do something to give back to my country.  I saw a need to give something to a family that is much bigger than my own.  That family is all of the men and women who are serving in all of the branches of the military.  By taking on the ideas of this organization, and taking it to the point of a passion with me, as well as the fact that I have this personal part, which is my son who has been sent in harms way on several occasions, makes this organization very close to my heart.”

Lisa Pigliavento, Former Packing Event Co-Manager, Public Relations & Resident Poetic Encourager, volunteers at the packing and other FSO events. Lisa writes poems to encourage our soldiers as well as the other volunteers.

Lisa loves volunteering because the joy the soldiers get from receiving “We Care” packages gives her joy in return.

Kerry Harman, Tweeter Administrator for TWITTER   @fso_USAsoldiers


SSGT Walter Brown (first group of recipients);  Specialist Brian Desantis (first group of recipients);  Congressman Ted Deutch;  Tara Laxer;  WWII Nurse Colonel Banna Ghioto; Former Vietnam POW Bill Arcuri;  Sgt. Wayne Jackson, Former News Anchor and Reporter Corey Saban; National Nashville Recording Artist JD Danner; and National Country Singer, Amber Leigh, Betty Thomas, of the Condo News

In the Florida Keys: Radio D.J. (Thunder Country 100.3) and local Celebrity, Dougie Hitchcock;  Radio D.J. and local celebrity, Captain Don Mull (Keys Radio Group), Fisherman.


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Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is a non-profit organization that ships care packages filled with donated items and letters to the United States military men and women actively serving overseas.

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